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"I Just wanted to thank you for helping me find the right insurance for my first car. I greatly appreciate your devotion to your customers. I love my car and couldn't ask for anything more. I will be sure to recommend you to everyone Thank you!"
Iren Pavlova, Schiller Park Illinois

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quote My monthly payments are now HALF of what they were using another, "stately" insurance carrier. Need I say more? unqote

quote Being a teacher, I get many offers from different companies telling me how much money that may be saved if I switch to their company. Every company we have gotten a quote from has turned out to be higher on auto insurance than Triple Care Insurance Agency is. unqote

quote They not only save us money, but they are there when we need them. My wife and I have had a few minor wrecks over the past tree years, and Triple Care Insurance Agency is always there for us. When our premiums have gone up, they are still cheaper than the competition. unqote

quote So, if you live in an area that Triple Care Insurance Agency serves, check them out. They will probably save you some money. unqote

quote None of the large insurance companies like Geico or Progressive come even close to Triple Care Insurance Agency price for the same insurance coverage on our vehicles. Every year when the auto policy needs renewed, I get two or three quotes from other insurance companies, and Triple Care Insurance Agency has consistently been a whopping thirty to forty percent lower than the competition! unqote

quote So if its time to buy auto insurance, be sure to get a quote from Triple Care Insurance Agency. They may be able to save you some money but ultimately and obviously, your best bet for lower insurance premiums is a good driving record. unqote

quote Did a ton of looking around for discount auto insurance. I looked at Geico and many of the other cheapies, and was starting to think about choosing one of them. Then I got a quote from a Triple Care Insurance Agency and they gave me an awesome rate. unqote

quote The agency is Triple Care Insurance Agency. I went with them and haven't regretted it in the two years I've been with them. Also, their telephone help has been human and helpful. The company is extremely well rated by independent insurance ranking boards. unqote

quote If you go to their site they have the whole Q&A about why you might not have heard of them -- they're only into insuring consumers recently, I think -- before that it was all about insuring corporate fleets or companies. In any case, definitely check them out as part of your search for cheap insurance! unqote

quote Although you can get free insurance quote from the website, my husband prefers to call in. I'm glad he did .The agent was friendly and helpful. He made sure that we had enough coverage but didn't go overboard charging us for additional coverage we wouldn't need. unqote

quote Once we got the policy's set up, and the payment made over the phone via credit card, not only snail mailed our policy and insurance cards to us, but they offered to email them, as well, so we could print them out and put them in our vehicles immediately. This is something we have never had another company offer to do. unqote

quote The website is really nice. We are so glad that we switched to Triple Care Insurance Agency! Our rates are lower; they have been so helpful. unqote

quote We get our bill via the postal service. We choose the extended plan, because for us it is easier to pay monthly than to come up with than the full payment on the 6 month policy that we have. You can choose a 12 month policy, as well. Why we have the 6 month policy, I don't know. We always renew, so I'll have to look into that. With the 6 month policy you pay four monthly payments. With the 12 month, you pay nine monthly payments. There is a different plan, and service charge. unqote


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