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"I Just wanted to thank you for helping me find the right insurance for my first car. I greatly appreciate your devotion to your customers. I love my car and couldn't ask for anything more. I will be sure to recommend you to everyone Thank you!"
Iren Pavlova, Schiller Park Illinois


Our everyday life is a sequence of joy and obstacles that we do not appreciate on time. Very often we value the convenience only after we loose it. And we never imagine the hard moments that come unexpected.

In Triple Care we know that hardships make us stronger and that’s the way for us to grow. However, we also realize that there are situations in which our providence could prevent us from big financial losses and could provide help in hard moments.

Insurance is not solving all problems. It is a way for us to protect our financial stability in moments of hardship-while a rein storm starts or we get in an accident or our professional abilities are being tested or while our car gets stuck in the middle of the nowhere…hypothetic and real situations in life.

Those pages are for people who want to enjoy life but foresee danger and take actions against it on time.


If you live in Illinois and are paying too much in auto insurance, you need to speak with us. We offer rates that you can afford backed by professional agents. You'll be glad you called.